Fighting Over A Man Is Not Worth It

Ladies, I know you must feel that it is important to fight over what is yours, but sometimes you need to step back and think about the relationship in its entirely. Did he leave you for another woman? If so, then let him go. Don't chase after someone who chose to leave you in the first place to be with another woman. In today's world, women seem to always fight among each other to keep a man in their lives that is simply not worth it. You have to keep your pride and self respect. In any relationship you are in you deserve to be treated like a Queen.

If he has left you and now wants to be back by your side make sure not to forgive so easily. I am not saying that you have to make him suffer and apologize for his entire life, but make sure he is truly sincere and knows of his wrong doings. He has to prove to you that he has changed and want to make you his number one priority. Make sure to talk about any and all issues you both to see if the relationship can be repaired and will be successful in the long run.

Remember ladies, don't ever fight over a man who is not worth it. Also don't try to argue with the other women or physically try to do harm to her as your partner or ex-partner decided to leave the relationship. Your disappointments and frustrations should be towards the guy not this other woman. Good luck in any relationship you venture into and remember to be respected and treated like you are the most important person to him.


5 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call You

By now you have gone on a few dates with this very fine black man and you are thinking everything is perfect. All of the sudden you realize that he hasn't been calling you or returning your phone calls. You are surprised, worried, mad, concern, anxious; basically you have all of these different emotions and feelings overwhelming you and you don’t know how to feel. There could be a million different reasons to why he has lost interest in you or it's something regarding him.

5 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You:

First Reason:

You Have Begin Calling Him Your Boo: As cute as this might be to you this action can really scare off this guy. He isn't thinking he is your "boo" and he is definitely not thinking that he is your man. You can't be claiming someone who isn’t officially yours. Wait till he asks you to be his girl. Don't be assuming that you are already his.

Second Reason:

You Got Ghetto With Him: Whatever your reason of getting "ghetto" with him has definitely scared him off. Just because he gave the witness at the restaurant a smile doesn't mean his was "flirting" with her, he could have being polite. Remember, you have a strong, black man as a date and he is going to attract other females, but showing that you are not "ghetto" but refine is really going to make him stay by your side.

Third Reason:

You Got Too Loose Too Fast: There is no reason why you have to give up your goodies on the first or second date. Make a man wait for it. He will ultimately respect you and care for you more when you wait for the appropriate time to give it up. He will know by this simple action that you just don't give it up to any man that comes along your way.

Fourth Reason:

You Gossip Too Much: If you are on a date with a man and you see one of your home girls and begin talking trash about someone else. This is a HUGE turn off for a guy. The same goes for if you receive a phone and you are talking trash on it. This sexy black man doesn't want to witness you being a trash talker, gossip queen or someone who likes to attract negative attention to yourself. All he wants to witness you being an amazing, smart and beautiful black woman. Do your trash talking on your on time.

Fifth Reason:

He Has Caught You In A Lie: No one wants to be lied too and especially if it's from a person they are trying to get to know on a personal and intimate level. Whatever you do don't lie as the truth will always come out. If he asks you "Have you ever been with Mike?" and he is implying in a sexual manner just be honest even if it was years ago. Even if you lie about something so insignificant he will never trust you due to believing if you would lie about something so small then you will lie about an important issue.

If none of these issues seem to be a possibility then maybe it's best that he has decided to not interact with you any longer. You can now simply move on with your dating life. Life is way too short to be stressing someone who seriously didn't play an important role in your life. Are you swamped with work and is still single? Make sure to read 4 Tips For Busy Single Women.