What Do Black Women Really Want In Bed?

Many men have wondered what they can do to impress their black girlfriend in the bedroom. They ask themselves; what do black women really want in bed? Does she want more romance? What sexual position is she really into? All of these questions are okay to ask and the good thing is I have the answer for all of you guys wondering these things. There have been countless of surveys done who've asked sexual questions in the past, but there hasn't been one that has put it all together into one place. What fantasies, desires and positions do women enjoy? Find out right here and take a look at what black women truly enjoy about sex.

1. There are plenty of black women who have fantasies about having sex with a coworker or a stranger, but their biggest fantasy is having sex outdoors. They want to experience sex in the big outdoors and they don't care if the place is too public or not. They want to have a thrilling experience while being pleasured.

2. Black women totally enjoy foreplay during sex. That is their favorite part of the whole ordeal. They love the fact of being teased and worked up. This is the part where their imagination and spirit runs free and their mind goes into a super erotic place.

3. Who doesn't enjoy experimenting new things when it comes to sex? The number one experiment women enjoy is participating in role playing with their partner. They love the fact that they can be someone else every so often while engaging in sex.

4. Black women love having sex in the missionary position. They enjoy having a man's body pressed up against theirs. These women believe that the face to face position is what gives the sex its passion.

5. Another position that these women enjoy is having sex while being on all fours. The doggysyle position allows the man to enter a woman's private extremely deep. This of course causes much pleasure for the woman.

Now that you men know what women like during sex, why don't you put that knowledge into play tonight? Show that black girlfriend of yours that you know how to please her and that she will always be satisfied when it comes to the bedroom.

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5 Types Of Guys Black Women Should Have Sex With In College

College is all about planning your future, getting good grades and sexual experimentation. When black females attend college most are still learning about their bodies in a sexual way. They need to find out what they like and what they don't like. The only way to do this is by getting down and dirty with a number of guys. There are definitely some types of guys that black women should consider having sex with during their time spent in college. These are the types of guys that you only have sex with once and move on. If the sex is freaking awesome, then of course make sure you have tons of sex with that guy throughout the year or so. Take a look at the 5 Types Of Guys Black Women Should Have Sex With In College:

1. The Smart Guy: There are some guys that are so damn smart that for some reason there are a few women who are not attracted to their intelligence. Don't be one of those women. These nerds can be great lays and that is something that you want to remember when you look back on your college years.

2. The Out of Country Guy: These foreign exchange guys come to America to experience the educational system as well as to take in the American lifestyle. This is probably your only time to have sex with a hot foreign guy. Give him something amazing to remember about when he heads back to his home country.

3. The High Schooler Guy: This is the guy that you had known from high school, but really never spoke to or got to know. Why not have some sexual relationships with a familiar face? You never know how great of a sex partner he might be.

4. The Housemate: This is a guy that lives in the same college home or floor as you. The best time to have sex with him is during your last moments of your college years. The reason for this is because you don't want to experience any awkward moments of passing this dude by in the house or hallway.

5. The Cool Guy: This is the guy that may not have the brains, but for some odd reason he is extremely popular. His popularity probably has to do with how hot he is. Now, during your college years you definitely want to get it on with a mega good looking guy.

These are just some of the guys you will be exposed to during your college years. Just remember have fun, be safe and enjoy yourself during these upcoming years. If you need some inspiration don't forget to read about the Release Date For "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Film Announced.



Date Black People On BlackFling

Finding the type of person can sometimes be a bit difficult, but if you have access to the correct online dating site, then that would help a lot. If you are looking to meet black people, then you should visit one particular site. You can easily Date Black People On BlackFling right now. All you have to do is sign up, create your profile, add pictures of yourself and add some information. The information that you would be adding is things about yourself as in what are your hobbies, what type of person you are and any other information you think people need to know right away.

Another piece of information that you should add is what you are looking for in another person. This will help others see if they might be a perfect match for you. It's important that you are honest about what you are looking for as this will produce better results for you at the end of the day. It's all about connecting with strangers and turning those strangers into potential lifelong partners.

BlackFling has a very high success rate and members on there can connect with other black individuals for dates. There is some interracial dating going on in there as well. There are some people who are not black, but they prefer to date black individuals. It's all about connecting with people for whom you have a good connection with in the first place.

There is really no reason for you to spend another day alone at your home. Why not join today and find someone of interest? What do you have to lose? Nothing! But you do have a lot to gain by joining and being active on the site. Don't waste anymore time! You already know what you have to do.

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5 Tips On How To Get A Black Women To Like You

Men think that getting a woman to fall for them takes some kind of special skill or talent. In all honesty, it is much easier than you would think. Showering with gifts, the body of an Olympian God and lavish gestures doesn't guarantee you the girl, but simpler things like simply having a little charm and good manners will probably land you the girl of your dreams. Take note of the following 5 qualities that will make women want you and you should be on your way to finding the woman you’ve been wanting. Here are the 5 Tips On How To Get A Black Women To Like You:

1. You should have women friends.

Women find it easy to talk to a guy who is around other women, so if you can make friends with women, you are bound to find it easy to start conversation with new women. Also, by having female friends, you will get introduced to their female friends and you will constantly be meeting new women. Not only will this help you learn the best way to have conversation with women but you can also learn the right approach.

2. Make yourself look good.

One thing you need to always remember is that women want a guy who is sure of himself and is heading in the right direction with the right things going for him. If you come off as insecure and needy, no woman is going to give you a second thought, so make sure you give off the right impression. Also, part of becoming the ideal man for a woman, you need to learn strong eye contact, good posture and the proper body language.

3. Cat and mouse.

Normally, you see a guy chasing a girl, but you need turn the cat and mouse game around and let the women chase you. If you make a woman chase you, it becomes a challenge for her and may cause her to want to be with you even more. This is somewhat of a mind game, but will normally pay off, so stop doing the chasing and start being chased.

4. How do you dress?

Women don't want a guy who looks like a slob and first impressions mean everything to a woman. The way you dress says a lot about you. You need to be up to date on the style scene and know what looks good on you and works with your personality. If you can pull off dressing properly, most women will notice you and you will surely start attracting more women.

5. Compliments will get you a long way.

Giving a woman a compliment and truly meaning it can make a world of difference when trying to get a woman to be interested in you. Women crave compliments, and if you hit the marks just right, then you are going to send her just the right signals and she will show more interest in you. This will definitely set you apart from all the other guys hitting on her and she will see value in you.

Taking note of these tips should help you get far with the ladies and have them noticing you much more than before.

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Ciara Talks About Her New Album

In the world of celebrities it’s all about promoting and advertising yourself. You need to get your new projects known, so that everyone else is hyped about what is coming next from you. Recently, Ciara sat down with Fader magazine for an interview as well as a photo shoot. She is even featured on the cover of the magazine, which is a great way for her to get her new album noticed. The self-titled album will be released soon enough and it seems that she s truly excited for this one.

When it comes to her new album Ciara is not about having a comeback, but sharing with her fans personal aspects of her life. She goes on to say, "Do I believe there was a disconnect creatively with the fans? And my vision- what I was hoping for? Absolutely. But again, you have to have those moments to know what to do and what not to do. This whole chapter where I am in my life - it's about not running from my fears and the things that make me uncomfortable. It's also about acknowledging the things that were wrong. I had a short break, but I plan to be here for a long time."

Ciara has been out of the game for a little bit, but she wants all of her fans to know that she is planning on being in the industry for quite some time. Though she hasn’t been doing music of late, that hasn’t stopped drama from forming. She had some word exchanges with Rihanna, but that's a whole other story.

Most people state that making music is their live, but Ciara feels that she isn't living her life if all she does is make music. She stated, "When I first started all I did was work, work, work. That was really my main focus, and it still is a massive priority in my life, but I feel like I put my life now before my music. I love music so much and I do want to have a tremendous amount of success in it, but I want to live at the same time."

It seems that she wants to explore other things in life, but still maintain a great career in the music industry. It's totally doable, but will take lots of work to accomplish that.

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Black Girlfriend Loves You

In a new relationship, you may still be trying to decipher and interpret the signals you are getting from your black woman. If you still can't tell if she loves you, don't worry there are ways to tell. The way she walks, talks and goes through the motions can all help you tell. Don't worry this isn't going to be hard to tell if she really loves and cares for you. Here are 5 Ways To Tell If Your Black Girlfriend Loves You:

1. Showing you off to family and friends.

When a woman loves you she will want to show you off to anyone and everyone, but more importantly to those closest to her. She will go out of her way to show you off or talk about you to her family and friends.

2. She truly wants to get to know you deeper.

If you have noticed that your woman has taken a sincere interest in your life down to small details, then that is a good sign. When a woman loves a man, she wants to get to know him fully and she will ask him questions about his childhood, his family and his life growing up.

3. Does she have visions of the future for the both of you?

A good sign that she loves you is if she has mentioned plans for the future that include the both of you. When she speaks of the future and you are part of it, then she has plans to build a relationship with you and has a basis for a long relationship. This shows that she loves you and is serious about a future with you.

4. Her focus is on you.

If you have noticed that all her attention and focus is on you and she doesn't seem to even notice any other guys, then it is probably a sure thing that she loves you. A serious woman won't pay any mind to any guy once she has found a guy she loves.

5. Does she worry about you?

If your woman is showing genuine concern for you and honestly wants to be there for you when you are going through any type of troubling situation, then you have a keeper on your hands. A woman that truly cares about your well being and shows true concern is a woman who loves you.

Keeping these tips in mind will definitely help you know whether she loves you or not. If you notice any of these signs, then you are on the right path of having one hell of an amazing relationship. Since things are going so good for you, why don't you check out the Top 5 Foods That Increase Your Libido.


5 Of The Best Water Sex Positions

It's the summer time already and you already know what that means. It's time for bikinis, swim trunks and sex in the water. Getting it on in the water is definitely amazing and can be quite arousing. Having sex in the water doesn't mean just in the pool; it can be in the ocean, hot tub or bathtub. To make having sex in the water a great experience you will definitely need to know what types of positions are the best for what kind of body of water. Check out 5 Of The Best Water Sex Positions:

1. Getting Banged With Floating: This position can be performed in a hot tub or pool. The woman will have her arms on the step or edge of a pool and will use the water to float. The guy then thrusts his hips in and out of the woman while standing or kneeling (depending on where the woman is floating at).

2. Energized Floating Tube: This position that can be done in any body of water such as a pool, beach or river. The man sits on top of the tube, while the woman sits right on top of him. She needs to angle herself correctly, so that her g-spot gets hit. While she is sitting on the guy she can place her legs to his side, top of his shoulders, etc.

3. Leg To The Air: This position is best to do while the man and woman are in a bathtub. The woman will be lying with her back on the tub and the guy will be holding one of her legs straight up. He will then do his business between the women's legs and his body will be rubbing against the women's clitoris which will then give her extra pleasure.

4. Raft Banging: This position can be performed in any body of water, but the man has to be able to stand up on the floor. The only other thing that will be needed for this position will be a raft. The woman has to lie down with her face and body towards the raft. Her legs will be dangling over the raft as well. They guy stands up in the water, spread the women's legs open and bangs away.

5. Steamy Hot Tub Banging: This position is perfect for getting it on while you are hanging out in the hot tub. It's easy to do because the man just sits on the seat in the hot tub and the woman straddles him. Both people can move up and down or whichever movement feels the best for them. Plus, they will both be facing one another which allows both parties to be able to play with one another's nipples and make out with one another.

The summer is truly about experimenting as much as you can with your partner in different open bodies of water. It's all about having fun, getting some and pleasuring one another. If you are looking for someone to get it on with during the summer, then Find Black Hookups On BlackFling right now!

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