Top 5 Best Cities in the USA for Black Dating


If you are interested in dating blacks, targeting cities with high black populations could yield faster results. Other than the population, you should consider the locations available such as cool places to hangout or even fun-filled activities that take place in those cities. Here are the best cities for black dating and come with all you could need for a good date.

  1. Washington, DC

The Capital, which boasts of over a third of the population being blacks, is a good target for black dating. You can find black professionals here, politicians, as well as academia who will suit your exact taste. With these categories, you will need to be on the lookout after work hours since most are engaged during the day. You can frequent the movie theater at the mall; try a walk on Farragut Square to increase your chances of landing a date.

  1. Atlanta

This is one city that’s defined by its own class and swag. It also prides itself of the second largest black populated city in the United States. Universities here are filled with black students, so checking out bars and other fun places could be the answer. You can also choose to attend local football games, which are normally populated by blacks as they cheer for their local teams.

  1. San Diego

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S., with romantic sunsets and an all-year round active sports calendar, San Diego also rates highly in black dating. Men here outnumber ladies, hence would make a perfect hunting place for single ladies interested in black men. The grub from Yogi’s Bar and Grill, and tantalizing cycling experiences along the Cardiff coast always leave blissful memories and offer good dating experiences.

  1. Chicago

Home to the only black newspaper in the United States; the Chicago Defender, Chicago is among the largest blacks’ populated cities where one can easily hook up with a date. People here are all direct and proud of their nature and neighborhood, so you might want to be confident and sure about yourself. You can attend one of the many comedy shows aired or even join a comedy club, such as Second City and you probably will end up with a date. Another fun-filled activity that would suit you and your date is trolling the Navy Pier and enjoying pleasant conversation. Chicago also has the largest membership registered on blackfling.com so you know everyone is ready for fun!

  1. Houston

With low cost of living as compared to other cities, Houston is understandably one of the most popular destinations for singles looking to mingle with blacks. Houston also prides itself on hosting more than 500 diverse art and culture organizations and this makes it a metropolis preferred by recently graduated black singles. Other than cultural events graced all-year round in Houston, there is the Art Car Museum and a wide range of bars that form good locations for finding black singles.


How to Catch a Black Woman


7 Tips On How to Catch a Black Woman

Dating a person from another race is becoming common as compared to how it was some years back. Successful relationships are being established as people open their eyes and look beyond the racial lines when searching for dating mates. Whites, Latinos, Asians and Blacks are inter-marrying and this is a mark for a new non-racist generation. Most white men don’t know yet what to do exactly in order to attract black women. Here are some tips on how to catch a black woman:

Be confident

This goes without a saying, landing yourself a black woman can’t be exactly termed as a walk in the park, you will need to be sure of yourself to break through her attitude.

Dress well

Before having an interest in black women, take a moment to study black men as well. Black men are amongst the most fashion-keen group of men and in order to impress their sisters, you wouldn’t want to come short of that. This however, does not call for you to try out baggy jeans and chains all over, plain neatness and a good grooming will do.

Be Strong

Most black women expect men to be tough and strong at heart. Before you make you make your move, you might want to test your guts to see if your worth of a black beauty's love.

Be a member of some group

Black women tend to get excited by men that belong to some form of group. Either be it a church group, a fraternity, organization or whichever type of group, just make sure that she knows you belong to one.

Express a genuine interest

Every woman wants to be shown affection and this is not any less for black women. Talk to her about your genuine feelings, pamper her and make her feel beautiful and appreciated. Black women really value their hair, try to complement it, play with it and this will definitely get you that black woman you desire.

Have good taste in music

Music means much to blacks as compared to other races. Listen to some R ‘n’ B, hip hop and the 70s soul and talk to her about these, as well as ask her to dance with you to them and this increases your chances of landing her.

Avoid any subjects relating to race

Keep off any topic that relates to race, don’t flatter her color and don’t make comments that group her into that “black women” category. All these would offend her and until later in your dating, don’t open up about the races of the previous women you dated.


10 Inspiring Black Couples of the 21st century


Black love is more than just passion; it’s about attitude, reaching out to others and touching their lives; it’s about creating a better place for future generations and more. All these are revealed by these ten most inspiring black couples:

  1. Michelle and Barrack Obama

These two are without a doubt one of the most inspiring couples to ever have lived in the 21st century. When you talk about a young couple that has risen through all the hurdles to lead one of the greatest nations and still manage to balance power and family matters, you definitely are talking about the Obama’s, who have two daughters Sasha and Maria.

  1. Jada and Will Smith

Take two successful actors, sum them up and the result you get are two super talented kids that amaze the world. These two have shown the world unbelievable friendship for each other and a sex appeal and dedication to making their marriage last through tough times.

3. Jay Z and Beyonce

These two Hip Hop Stars are ruling the world of music at an incomparable level. Despite the recent attack of Solange (Beyonce's sister ) in the elevator on Jay Z these two are representing a united front and still taking over the world with an empire state of mind.

  1. Camille and Bill Cosby

Remember the Cosby Show? Pretty much all of the show was Bill’s real life experiences. Ask about a black couple that has experienced all the highs and lows and these two will definitely be in the conversation.

  1. Tamia and Grant Hill

These two successful celebrities have proved to other couples around the world that love is more than what you do for a living; it’s about what you take it for. Grant has proved that athletes can also be family men and love their wives.

  1. T.D. and Serita Jakes

It’s definitely true what T.D teaches; a couple that prays together, stays together. Running a ministry together, T.D and Serita are among the most inspiring Christian couples in America today.

  1. David and Tamela Mann

This beautiful couple that has been married for more than 20 years are a living testimony to what patience with each other and trusting the Almighty can do for any marriage. After stints of hard times, the two have survived all tests and co-start as they spread the message of God’s love through stage performances and shows.

  1. Cedric and Lorna Kyles

Cedric didn’t find approaching Lorna all entertaining, but after persistence, they tied the knot a year after they met each other, and are still together today.

  1. Tiny and T.I

Incarcerations, blending of families, issue after issue, but this hip-hop couple still has their swagger rolling since they first became a couple over a decade ago.

10 . Angela Basset and Courtney B. Vance

When you talk about friendship that blossomed into love and ended up as a love fairy tale, you can talk about these two. There is a sense of mutual respect that comes from this couple that gets you wishing that all friendships could end up like theirs.


5 Tips On How to Grab Her Attention in Online Dating Messages


Regardless of your dating background or how equipped you may think you are for it, meeting a woman online is one of the greatest hurdles. You might want to be sure that your interest in her is genuine before embarking on this journey. Below are some trailblazing tips on how to get her attention through online dating messages:

  • Get the Best Subject Line

When she opens her mail, the first thing she will definitely see is the subject lie. This is important as it determines whether or not she will read the rest of your mail. You never want to create a perfect mail message only for it not to be read. Let the subject be intriguing, puzzling, and it will push your prospective date to want to read it the moment it flashes across their eyes.

  • Be Unique

Regardless of how her profile picture looks or how her profile describes her, the fact is that her inbox is most probably flooded with the same typical messages. Something you perhaps could do is to send her unique messages, break from the pack. The more beautiful she is, the more creative you will need to be. Be the prince charming that she has always been waiting for, let your email stand out from the rest.

  • Try A Fun Open-Ended Question

You will need to make your question short, simple and direct. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of other emails that await her and chances are high that she would only skim through them. Be witty, but avoid posing any complicated questions. If her profile says she likes travelling, you might want to ask her where she would like to go if offered a free trip to any destination in the world.

  • Compliment Her

Talk about that one thing that you find interesting on her profile and with time, the interest becomes mutual. You should however not talk about her profile photo; strictly let it be about what you read and not what you saw. Show interests in things she likes, find cool ways in which you can engage her into a conversation, this wins her trust and she might want to open up more about herself.

  • Keep Trying, But Not Too Hard

She might not respond to your perfectly crafted mail as you would have expected, but that’s not the end of it all, or is it? You need to express your genuine interest for her and meanwhile, you might want to take a look at your profile and see what could be making her turn away and consider revisions.

When it seems it won’t work at all, you might want to try elsewhere other than pushing hard.  After all, not everyone that you get interested in, will be interested about you.


Dating Ideas for Black Singles Looking to Mingle


There are great ways black singles can find singles to mingle with. Dinners, movies and nights outs have always been the main ideas for many to target and find potential soul mates. These are some of the best, often ignored dating ideas for black singles looking to mingle:

  1. Sports events

Going out to watch games always feel great, more so if it’s the first date out. Going to a game together with your date can be like all dating ideas incorporated into one; you have the chance to grab a bite, take a walk while holding hands, cheer and entertain yourselves, as well as to have that all important conversation.

  1. Picnics

Are you on a tight budget? This offers you an option besides pushing the date further away on your calendar. What is required is just to pick the best site with the coolest of breezes and a serene feeling. Planning a successful picnic includes getting the right meal and this goes a long way in earning you points, as it allows you to show your date a part of you they might not normally see.

  1. Street fairs

By attending street fairs, as well as farmer’s markets, not only do you get a chance to have limitless conversation with your date, but also the chance to experience unrelenting entertainment. This presents you with the chance to understand your date better, as you shop for handmade products, enjoy foreign foods and exercise as you stroll.

4. Concerts

This is another great idea for singles looking to mingle. If you have a new date and are just starting things out, concerts also can work best for you. The important thing though, is to understand the music taste of your date for the night and take them to a concert they will appreciate and feel part of.

  1. Arcade

How about some friendly competition for you and your date? This could only lighten up things between you two as you both try to show the other your funny side. You get to meet other couples who you can exchange a few words with and teach yourself something you wouldn’t have known about dating. When still on the early stages of dating, you would want your date to see you as a fun-loving and outgoing person and this can help to win their heart for you. This is why spontaneity is always important and trying diverse dating ideas can go a long way in finding you a mate.


Increase Your Chances Of Finding Love Through Online Dating

Online dating sites have been around for nearly 20 years. It was once an activity that was considered taboo, but in recent years online dating is now a widely practiced and socially accepted form of meeting eligible partners. It’s especially ideal for those who have a lifestyle or personality that makes meeting potential mates challenging.


So how do you find love when physical traits are the predominant focus of many sites? Here are three tips to approach online dating to increase your chances of finding love success:

1. Imagine meeting in person: When you meet someone in person, numerous senses are heightened, providing a better chance for chemistry to occur. An online profile is one-dimensional, where first encounter chemistry is based on what you see and only a tiny blip of someone’s personality.  When someone contacts you don’t dismiss them based on looks alone. Imagine giving them the same consideration as you would had you bumped into them in public.

2. Read the ‘About’ section first: This is often the most neglected part of the perusing process but this is a better indication of someone’s personality than their face or height. If you read what someone has to say about themselves, their life, their interests and the kind of partner they are looking for you will feel more of an emotional connection (or not) as opposed to just seeing their face and body and imagining yours beside it.

3. Lower your standards: Here’s why: most people sift through profiles like they’re going on a scavenger hunt for the best find. You look for the most attractive, impressive and enticing profile and decide that’s the one you’re going to pick. It doesn’t work that way. Consider the online dating process as similar to the task of looking for a new job. Apply to all those you think you would be suitable for and see what ones provide you with an interview. Be willing to give your second or third choice a chance.


6 Tips To Know If He’s Just Not Into You

You've been dating a guy for awhile, and you think it’s going well, but you’re just not sure what he’s thinking. You ask yourself: Does he want this to last? Does he feel the same way?  or can you expect this one to end in heartache, like so many others? Here are some tips that will help you to find out if he really wants a relationship?

1. No public touching. This isn't about making out on a park bench, or getting hot and heavy in a restaurant booth. It’s about the natural touching that shows signs of affection. If he loves you, he’ll want to give you a hug when you meet, a quick kiss on the cheek, or put his hand on your back to guide you through a doorway. If he’s avoiding any personal contact in public, he’s probably not that into you.

2. Talking to the ex. Does he still call up his ex for long, rambling conversations? That’s a sure sign that he’s not completely over her, which could be the kiss of death for your relationship. If he’s divorced with kids, he may need to stay in contact with the ex for co-parenting reasons, but he shouldn't be enjoying those conversations too much.

3. He uses “I” instead of “We”. If your guy is thinking of being with you long term, then he’ll talk in terms of “We should try that restaurant” or “Maybe we could do a weekend in Vegas”. If he mostly talks about things in the singular instead (“I’d love to check out that new club”), it’s a sign that he’s not picturing you as part of those plans.

4. He has a list of excuses. Maybe once in awhile it’s true that he needs to work late, or his car is in the shop. Stuff happens. But if you start to see a pattern of excuses he makes to blow you off, cancel a date, or show up late, then there’s a potential problem. If he was really into you, he’d find a way to make it work, instead of finding excuses.

5. You never meet his friends. When a guy is in love with you, he’s proud of you, and can’t wait for his friends, family, and the whole world to see what a wonderful woman he’s with. If he’s reluctant to introduce you to his friends and family, then he’s either embarrassed about them, or embarrassed about you.

6. You’re not on his Facebook. People post photos of their lives on Facebook, and this is where you regularly find out what’s happening with your friends - the new job, the new dog, and the new hairstyle. If he’s planning to be with you, then he’ll post a picture of the two of you together, somewhere smiling and having fun. If you don’t see yourself on his Facebook, then it could mean he’s still playing the field.

It may be disheartening if you discover some telltale signs that he’s not really into a relationship, but it’s better to read those signals now than be blindsided by a breakup later. On the other hand, if your man passed the test with flying colors, then you could have a keeper!

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